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Active Motion Detectors



FA1 Deck Sensor
FA1 Deck Sensor

Our exclusive ultra slim FA1 deck sensor works in conjunction with Flagship Marine alarms that utilize Deck Sensor Processor (DSP) technology such as the FS201-DSP, FS301-DSP, FS301K-DSP, SB-DSP and DSP-EXE. FA1 deck sensors easily mount under a boat's deck with epoxy and can secure up to five square feet. One or two FA1 sensors usually provide enough coverage for most boats. When an intruder steps on the boat's deck, the FA1 sensor sends data to the DSP and activates the alarm. FA1 deck sensors employ plug and play connections for easy wiring and up to four sensors can be used at one time. The DSP series of alarms automatically balances all sensor configurations and reports the sensitivity level of each deck sensor greatly reducing installation time. The DSP also filters out FA1 deck sensor movement caused by deck heating, boat movement, ice makers, ceiling compressors, pumps, sudden equipment movement, RF noise, A/C power wiring and electrical storms. The miniature FA1 sensor measures 3.0" X .25" X .25". The FA1 deck sensor comes with epoxy, two wire gel connectors, mixing stick, instructions and one deck sensor. Part # FA1

WFA22 shielded wire must be used to connect FA1 sensors to the alarm's control box. Consult with the factory if the application employs mounting to steel decks, support beams or large vessel monitoring systems.

For further information see - Boat Alarm Purchasing guide/Deck Sensors.

Cabin Motion Detector
Cabin Motion Detector

The MD100 interior cabin motion detector combines micro-wave and infra-red technology into one sensor. This redundant technology virtually eliminates false alarms and excessive wiring of cabin windows and doors. Sensor coverage area is 40' X 30'. Power consumption is 25 milli-amps. Dimensions are 4" X 3" X 2". Kit comes with stainless steel hardware and 35 feet of four conductor hookup wire. Part # MD100

Photo Electric Beam
Photo Electric Beam

Miniature 3/4" photo eyes can be mounted across decks, bridges, walkways, etc. When the beam is broken the alarm activates. Can be used as a pre-entry sensor. Power consumption is approximately 50 milli-amps. Processor dimensions are 4" X 2" X 1.5". Kit contents: 1 Sensor processor and 2 photo-eyes with mounting plates. Part # OS1C

FS17 & FS6 Pressure Mats
Pressure Mat

The FS17 pressure mat is weather-resistant and measures 17" X 23" by only .125" thick. The FS6 measures 6" X 23" by only .125" thick. The mat is normally open and comes wired with 3 feet of #18 AWG wire.
Part # FS17
Part # FS6

Mercury Switch
Mercury Switch

Mercury switch can secure outboards and equipment on boats kept on trailers. Part # MS1

Outboard Sensor
Outboard Sensor

Typically most outboards that are vandalized for lower units or complete theft require the outboard cover to be removed to disconnect the shift rod, controls and wiring harness. The OB1 sensor triggers the on-board alarm when the cover is moved, tilted or when the wiring harness is cut. When mounted in boats that are moored or in small rail mounted outboards the advanced Flagship Marine alarms filter out false alarms from large boat movements. The OB1 is extremely reliable and easy to install.

For installations where it is difficult to route a wire back to the control box the OB1-R can be used with Marine Link transmitters. The Marine Link transmitters encoded sensor pulse makes the OB1 virtually tamper-proof.

Part # OB1: The OB1 comes with 40' of wire, epoxy, disconnect sensor, movement sensor, seal tight grommet and instructions.
Part # OB1-R: The OB1 comes with 40' of wire, epoxy, disconnect sensor, movement sensor, water tight grommet, internal end of line resistor and instructions.

LookOut Dualtech Outside Motion Detector
WatchOut Dualtech Outside Motion Detector

The LookOut Dualtech outside motion detector is designed for applications requiring maximum notification of unauthorized boarding while minimizing possible false alarms. The LookOut motion detector can be wired to the FarSight zone and programmed so only the alarm's ES1 mini-piezo activates for six seconds or for maximum siren response. LookOut provides selective event recognition utilizing Sway Recognition Technology that uses two microwave channels to recognize and exclude objects that sway. Digital Correlation Technology that uses two PIR channels with interlacing detection patterns. Only targets creating a similar and correlated signal in both PIR and microwave channels are taken into account. LookOut comes with various lenses for long range detection or short range with high pet immunity. Dimensions: 8.5" x 4.5" x 4.7" and consumes 45 milli-amps per hour. Part # 315DT00US

Trailer Sensor

The TS1 sensor detects movement of a boat while it is stored on a trailer. TS1 sensors are usually mounted in the bow next to the mooring hook. Part # TS1