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GPS9 Text Messengers


The GSM9 allows any cell phone to control and monitor the FS701DSP marine alarm system anywhere in the world. Part # GSM-9

GSM9 Features:

  • Arms and Disarm the FS701 series of marine alarms.
  • System setup is done via text messages, no need for a computer.
  • Reports alarms arming status.
  • Turns off deck sensors for service personnel such as boat cleaners.
  • Sends full and pre-warning alarm text messages.
  • Up to six cell phones can receive alerts.
  • Monitors a boat's battery voltage and sends low battery alerts.
  • Sends high water text messages or pulses local alarms.
  • Controls on-board accessories such as air conditioning.
  • Extremely rugged and easy to conceal NEMA IP67 enclosure - Dimensions - 6" x 6" x 2.5"
  • Reliable quad band 3G GSM engine with standard internal antenna.
  • Typical power consumption - 0.025 amps @ 12Vdc.
  • Requires standard 3G, T-Mobile or Similar SIM card.

GSM9 Text Messenger and GPS Locator

The GSM9-GPS adds a GPS locator and Geofence alarm to the standard GSM9. Part # GSM9-GPS

GSM9-GPS Features:

  • Provides location via Google Maps.
  • Includes adjustable Geo-fence alarm.
  • Includes pre-installed external Live GSM antennae P/N GSM-ANT.

Optional equipment:

GSM External Antennae Kit

The GSM-ANT kit is used to add an external antenna to increase signal sensitivity when the GSM9 is located in a weak cell coverage area. This kit comes standard and pre-installed with the GSM9-GPS. P/N GSM-ANT


GSM External Antennae Kit Includes:

  • Large cable seal-tight
  • 900-1800MHz 5dbm flat antennae
  • Two-meter cable with male SMA connector
  • Two-sided mounting tape

GPS External Waterproof Antennae

The GPS external waterproof antennae is used with the GSM9-GPS system when a Live GPS antennae is not available. P/N GPS-ANT


GPS External Antennae Kit Includes:

  • Waterproof Active GPS antenna
  • SMA male connector
  • Three-meter cable length
  • Magnetic mount or two-sided tape
  • 28db gain with live LNA

I/O Expansion Interface Cable

The I/O Expansion Interface Cable allows any GSM9 system to be customized for additional outputs and inputs to control accessories or items such panic buttons and local sounders. Please contact Flagship Marine Security for further information. P/N EIC

Loss of Dockside Power Monitor

The power monitor provides an optically isolated circuit to galvanically isolate the vessel's A/C signaling power supply from the GSM9 series of text messengers. P/N ACPM

GSM9 Text Messenger for Asset Security

The GSM9-BLG works with typical commercial security sensors and sirens to secure almost any kind of building such as vacation homes, remote cabins, RVs, equipment vehicles or storage sheds. Contact Flagship Marine Security for configuration P/N GSM9-BLG

  • Up to four alarm zones for magnetic and active motion sensors.
  • Control accessories such as gates, lights, heating and cooling systems.
  • Monitors DC power for remote areas using solar and battery backup systems.

Free App for all GSM9 Text Messengers

Use the following links to download the EZ Switch App for Android and Apple.