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Vessel Monitoring DSP-EXP-1Z Expander

The versatile DSP Expander allows installers to add additional zones of FA1 deck sensors to existing Flagship Marine Security systems. The DSP-EXP-1Z can also be connected to existing alarms, commercial security systems and vessel monitoring systems to monitor deck movement.

The DSP-EXP-1Z monitors up to four deck sensors. The single zone internal digital deck sensor processor filters out deck movement caused by deck heating, boat movement, ceiling compressors, pumps, sudden equipment movement, RF noise, A/C power wiring and electrical storms. When an intruder steps on the boat's deck causing the deck movement signature to change the DSP-EXP-1Z activates before any damage can occur. The DSP-EXP-1Z series employs FA1 deck sensor proprietary plug and play wiring for easy installation and simple one person deck sensor calibration.

Part# DSP-EXP-1Z - Single zone deck sensor expander.

DSP Expander

DSP Expander

System Features:

  • Add one to four FA1 deck sensors
  • Dry N/O & N/C output relay contacts
  • Last alarm memory
  • Red & Green LED status and activity indicators
  • Plug and play deck sensor installation and stabilization
  • Audible deck sensor sensitivity test and recall
  • Arm/Disarm input to reset filtering and disable the expander


  • Box base 5.875" x 3.60"
  • Box height - 2.30"
  • Distance between mounting holes 5.10"
  • Electrical input 12Vdc @ .008 amps
  • Electrical input power with relay active 0.035 amps
  • Max relay contact current 0.040 amps @ 12Vdc
  • NEMA4X Waterproof clear enclosure