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FS301DSP Remote Boat Alarm System

FS301DSP Remote Boat Alarm System

How installing an alarm can boost your on board security and peace of mind

The FS301DSP series is Flagship Marine Security's new generation of remote marine security systems. The FS301DSP merges the proven design of our legacy FS301 with enhanced security features such as a single zone deck sensor processor, unique system control and miniature control box. The FS301DSP also incorporates a wireless link for dock and tender disconnects to maximize functionality while maintaining our commitment to simplicity and zero false alarms. This is the reason Flagship Marine Security has the most trusted reputation in marine security.

The revolutionary design of the FS301DSP enables it to secure any size boat, especially boats with limited battery capacity or high profile security requirements. No other boat alarm on the market incorporates the features found in the FS301DSP such as an auto learning deck sensor processor or adaptive outside Look-Out sensor that provides maximum notification of on-board activity or approaching boats. What else would you expect from a company that has been securing all types of boats for twenty-seven years, such as the world's largest private yacht, historical boats, catamarans, speedboats, cruisers, trawlers, ski boats, sailboats, bass boats, mega-yachts and many others.

Single Zone Internal Deck Sensor Processor

The FS301DSP monitors up to four deck sensors. The single zone internal digital deck sensor processor filters out deck movement caused by deck heating, boat movement, ceiling compressors, pumps, sudden equipment movement, RF noise, A/C power wiring and electrical storms. The internal deck sensor processor stores and develops a deck movement signature from information sent by the FA1 deck sensors. When an intruder steps on the boat's deck causing the deck movement signature to change the alarm activates before any damage can occur.

The FS301DSP series employs FA1 deck sensor proprietary plug and play wiring for easy installation and utilizes audible FA1 deck sensor calibration for simple one person testing.

Ten Function Remote COntrol

The FS301DSP's powerful watertight remote control key-chain arms and disarms the alarm system from dockside and incorporates an arsenal of easy to use command functions such as:

  • Twenty four hour panic
  • On-Board-Arming - disables cabin motion detectors for overnight stays
  • Deck Sentry Mode - notifies boat-owners of on-deck activity or boarding
  • Enables audible deck sensor sensitivity mode
  • Allows easy programming of up to sixteen additional remote controls and Marine Link wireless processors
  • Eliminates entry delays
  • Disables deck sensors for cleaners and service personnel
  • Recalls last alarm memory
  • Engages Look-Out Mode for boats using outside motion detectors for maximum perimeter surveillance
  • Activates boarding lights

Marine Link Wireless Processor

Marine Link is a wireless transmitter specifically designed to work with dock disconnect sensors and other remote sensors up to one hundred feet from the main control box. Marine Link utilizes pulse technology to detect dock disconnect cable tampering and eliminate the need for armored cables. All FS301DSP series have internal receivers that can be programmed to a Marine Link processor.

Technical Specifications

  • Program up to sixteen code hopping transmitters without opening control box
  • Six auto-shunting hardwired zones
  • Internal deck sensor processor that can monitor up to four deck sensors
  • Marine Link wireless zone for tenders, dock disconnects and other remote sensors
  • Intelligent siren reset - automatically adjusts siren run time due to faulty motion and pre-intrusion sensors
  • Flashes navigational, floods or spreader lights
  • Recallable last alarm memory
  • Quiet-Arm - uses optional ES1 mini-siren to eliminate loud audible siren status chirps
  • Twenty-four hour remote panic mode
  • Delayed 24 hour zone for emergency sensors such as high water
  • Specialized interior cabin motion detector zone
  • Three programmable delay zones
  • Look-Out mode activates the optional ES1 mini-siren for six second notification if outside perimeter motion detectors activate. Does not activate main sirens in case of false trips
  • Nine function status LED output
  • Auto power conserve for boats without dockside power
  • Ultra-low power consumption (8 milli-amps)
  • On-Board-Arming disables cabin motion sensors and eliminates entry delays for overnight stays
  • Activates vessel's lights for easy boarding
  • Accepts up to three command membrane keypads
  • Activates dialers and communicators
  • Arm/Disarm status output for opening and closing or setting trailer tilt sensors
  • Field upgradeable controller for custom applications
  • All components are shock mounted and coated

Part # FS301DSP

  • One four button, ten channel RF remote control
  • Miniature control module. Dimensions - 5" X 3.5" X 1.25"
  • Five amp fuse and water resistant fuse holder
  • Stainless steel mounting hardware for control box
  • Warning decal
  • 18 Pin wiring connector
  • 19.8" antenna
  • Easy to follow instructions

FS301KDSP Combination Keypad and Remote Alarm

For boats requiring both remote and keypad operation, the FS301KDSP comes with one low power surface mount membrane keypad and all of the features of the advanced remote FS301DSP series. Up to three PK1 keypads can be added to any alarm system.

PK1 Keypad Why choose when you can have both? RC4 Remote Control

Part # FS301KDSP

  • One four button, ten channel RF remote control
  • One surface mount PK1 membrane keypad with six feet of cable
  • Miniature control module. Dimensions - 5" X 3.5" X 1.25"
  • Five amp fuse and water resistant fuse holder
  • Stainless steel mounting hardware for control box and keypad
  • Warning decal
  • 18 Pin wiring connector
  • 19.8" antenna
  • Easy to follow instructions