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Sensor Wire
Sensor Wire

Two conductor stranded #22 AWG wire for connecting magnetic sensors and other two wire devices.

Part # - W22

WFA22 Shielded Wire
FA1 Shielded Wire

The WFA22 shielded two conductor #22AWG marine tinned wire is used to connect FA1 deck sensors to the DSP processor.

Part # WFA22

WP18 Power Wire
WP16 Power Wire

WP18 two conductor #18AWG marine tinned wire is used to connect sirens, strobes and FS401 relay coils to the alarms control box.

Part # WP18

WP14 Power Wire
WP14 Power Wire

WP14 two conductor #14AWG marine tinned wire is used to connect the battery to the alarm's control box. It can also be used to power FS401 relay contacts for flood lights and other high power accessories.

Part # WP14

Part # WP14-R (Includes two SBR38 marine 5/16" ring connectors for battery connections)

Power Harness Wire

Upon request, Flagship Marine Security will customize a power harness kit to simplify wiring. The wiring harness kit provides reliable connections from the alarm's control to the boat's battery, accessories, keypads and zone terminations. Kit contents: Two heavy duty battery ring connectors, #14Awg red/black tinned marine wire and custom control box terminations. All custom wiring harness kits require five days to process. In all cases the alarm installer can make their own power harness and this is carefully detailed in the alarm kit instructions.

Part # PHK