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FS301 Remote Alarm

The FS301's watertight remote control key-chain arms and disarms the alarm system from dockside. For overnight stays the remote's On-Board-Arming mode disables cabin motion detectors. In emergencies the remote can activate the alarm's twenty-four hour panic mode.

The FS301's advanced features eliminate disturbing loud arm/disarm chirps and automatically activates boarding lights. If keypad operation is desired, up to three command keypads can be added to the FS301. All six auto-shunting zones on the FS301 are programmed for instant triggers but can be changed to delay zones. The FS301 is designed for any size boat, especially boats with limited battery capacity.

System Features:

Two Function Remote

Two Function Remote

  • Program up to ten code hopping transmitters
  • Six auto-shunting zones
  • Intelligent siren reset - automatically adjusts siren run time due to faulty motion and pre-intrusion sensors
  • Flashes navigational, floods or spreader lights
  • Last alarm memory
  • Quiet-Arm - uses optional ES1 siren to eliminate loud audible siren status chirps
  • Twenty-four hour remote panic mode.
  • Delayed 24 hour emergency zone
  • Specialized motion detector zone
  • Two programmable delay zones
  • Eight function status LED output
  • Auto power conserve
  • Ultra-low power consumption (5 milli-amps)
  • On-Board-Arming disables cabin motion sensors and eliminates entry delays for overnight stays
  • Activates vessel's lights for easy boarding
  • Accepts up to three command keypads
  • Activates dialers and communicators
  • All components are shock mounted and coated

Kit Contents - Part # FS301

  • Two channel RF remote control
  • Control module. Dimensions - 4.5" X 3.0" X 1.25"
  • Five amp fuse and water resistant fuse holder
  • Stainless steel mounting hardware
  • Warning decal
  • 16 Pin plug
  • 19.8" antenna
  • Easy to follow instructions