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GSM7 Cellular Communicator and Controller
Miniature Low Cost GSM Communicator

The GSM7 allows a cell phone to control and monitor your Flagship Marine Security alarm system. The GSM7-SP comes with an internal shore power monitor that can be used as a physical dockside disconnect sensor. The GSM7-HS monitors assets such as vacation homes and RVs while eliminating expensive central station monitoring fees. Part # GSM-7

GSM7 Marine Communicator:

  • Arms and Disarm Flagship Marine Security alarm systems.
  • Disables deck sensors for service personnel such as boat cleaners while leaving cabin sensors active.
  • Sends full and pre-warning alarm text messages.
  • Reports alarm's system status.
  • Up to sixteen cell phones can receive alerts.
  • Monitors a boat's battery voltage and sends low battery alerts.
  • Sends high water text messages or pulses local alarms.
  • Controls on-board accessories such as fuel pumps.
  • Easy to conceal rugged NEMA IP67 enclosure - Dimensions - 6" x 6" x 2.5"
  • Reliable quad band GSM engine - Typical power consumption - 0.045 amps @ 12Vdc.
  • Requires standard 3G, AT&T or Similar SIM card.

GSM7-SP Marine Communicator with internal shore power monitor:

In addition to the standard features of the GSM7 the GSM7-SP sends a text message or activates local alarms if shore power is lost or disconnected from the boat.

  • Eliminates false alarms from brownouts and typical short term power losses.
  • Galvanically isolated shore power monitor.
  • Does not send loss of shore power messages unless required while main alarm is disarmed.
  • If desired the GSM7-SP pulses local sirens when the shore power cable is lost or disconnected from the boat to prevent theft.
  • Requires optional A/C signaling device such as ATS relay contacts, 120Vac/12Vdc power supply or a non-contact A/C power sniffer. Options should be discussed with Flagship Marine Security sales representative.

GSM7-HS Asset Security System:

The GSM7-HS works with typical commercial security sensors and sirens to secure almost any kind of building such as vacation homes, remote cabins, RVs, equipment vehicles or storage sheds.

  • Up to four alarm zones for magnetic and active motion sensors.
  • Control accessories such as gates, lights, heating and cooling systems.
  • Monitors DC power for remote areas using solar and battery backup systems.
  • Activates local sirens and lights.